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Sonia, has significantly increased her positivity and peace of mind over recent years and, among other things, wants to spread the word that it is indeed possible to choose to be happier.


She loves Banana Cake, "Who do you think you are?"  and riding on Open Top Buses.  You can see her bio here but first continue on this page for an absorbing Q and A session with Sonia.

Sonia Sylart - The Inquisition !


With the benefit of hindsight, what advice would you give your 12 year old self?


I'd say because there can be others who may be unkind or unhelpful to you, make sure you are good to yourself and always be your own best friend as opposed to your own worst enemy. 



What skill, quality or talent do you wish you could develop?


It would be great to be a skilled and successful mediator, bringing people of opposing views together and have them truly listen, understand and have empathy for one another, making peace, finding common ground/agreeing to differ.  If only I could ...



How do you uplift yourself when things get you down?


To get things out of my system and move towards more happiness within, I listen to music/dance and consciously try to look for an up-side to keep  issues in perspective.  Another thing which invariable helps is taking a few minutes to be thankful for little everyday things.  It's also helpful to remember "things could be better, things could be worse".


Listening to a personal recorded Positive Affirmations tape often helps to calm and refresh me on difficult days.  Oh, and a change of environment can also be a boon.



What are a few of the things on your bucket list?


  • A long haul holiday with close and extended family members
  • Taking a stab at property development and/or interior design.  (My family complain I watch far too many "house" programmes on TV.)
  • Doing or inventing something useful and significant that benefits mankind for years to come.




What do you like about writing?


The ever interesting challenge and significance of meaningful communications is what makes this world go round so, when a writing project comes to fruition, it can be a delicious and very rewarding experience.   



Any dislikes?


Writing can be a very time devouring, solitary, and anxious endeavour which requires heaps of self discipline.   Despite the challenge and "punishment" it can still make me smile.  



What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?


Once I had the misfortune to be admitted to hospital as an emergency, needing to spend the night unexpectedly.   Next morning I awoke worrying, among other things, what on earth I was going to put on since the clothes I came in wearing were in "a right state".  Then my eyes alighted on a radiator beside the bed and there were all my essential items of clothing washed, clean and dry, having been kindly and carefully laundered by hand by the petite, thoughtful nurse who was on duty the night before.


She went the extra mile and I have never forgotten it. (Whoever and wherever you are - thank you and bless you.) Her practical act of kindness meant I had one less thing to stress about that morning and somehow it just helped me turn a corner when I was in a bad place emotionally.



Finally, do you, Sonia, have a question for those reading this page?


Yes, you bet  -  please select one of the questions above and answer it yourself in the comments section.   Many thanks.




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